A downloadable game for Windows

Clicker type of game for HTC Vive made in UE4 for Giant ROM 3.You are supposed to be editing videos for the site. Every 5 levels it plays the GB video feature clip on the monitors. That doesn't do anything but you can imagine you uploaded new video to the site.

There is some problems with the teleport movement. Sadly I didn't have time to fix it.

Controls (Vive Controllers):
Press disc for teleport tool
Triggers to grab the sword
Option button to quit

q activate keyboard mode camera
s press edit button
w press upgrade button
a press buy more button for software
d press buy more button for equipment
r reset button
esc quit

Install instructions

Unpack the file and then go to folder WindowsNoEditor and click the GBVRClicker.exe.


GBVRClicker64bit.zip 434 MB

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